Yoga Yurts

Spacious Yurts for Yoga Classes

Yurts and yoga go hand in hand. The circular shape of a yurt tent and the calming atmosphere that they can create make the yurt an ideal collaborative setting for yoga practice and meditation.

Yoga Yurts in use by a yoga class

A Yurt to Suit Every Class Size

With different sizes available, our handcrafted yoga yurts are suitable for a variety of class sizes and provide a memorable alternative to typical yoga studios that often lack inspiration and rarely embody the true meaning of ‘zen’. Yoga Yurts can be positioned in gardens with reasonable accessibility or venue grounds, and our convenient yurt rental service includes installation so we will ensure that your class has plenty of room to practice – whether in the bridge pose, warrior position or tree stance!

Take a look at the table below to see how many yoga mats each yurt can accommodate.

Yurt SizeNumber of Yoga Mats
16 ft6 mats
18 ft8 mats
20 ft10 mats
24 ft14 mats
28 ft18 mats

Don't Let Rain Spoil Your Next Yoga Retreat

All of our hand-crafted yurts for hire feature heavy-duty, waterproof fitted ground sheets to ensure that yoga classes can continue despite poor weather conditions. Use of hard-wearing materials that have been sourced locally from our home on the rural Welsh Border, and the robust structure of a Roundhouse Yurt will guarantee that it remains in place throughout the duration of your yurt marquee hire. Additional options to fit bespoke interiors including carpets, Persian rugs or scatter cushions are also available to customise your yoga yurt and make students feel more comfortable.

Yoga Yurts for hire
Yoga yurts to rent

Other Uses For Our Yoga Yurts

Smaller class sizes or independent yoga teachers may find our 16 ft yurt suitable however, yoga retreats and event venues would benefit from the added space that our 24 ft or 28 ft yurts offer. We also provide yurt hire to festival venues where our yoga yurts serve as sacred spaces for spiritual healing, wellbeing workshops and the practice of different styles of yoga including Hatha and Vinyasa.

Roundhouse Yurts

Roundhouse Yurts