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“Yurt Life” A long overdue blog from Roundhouse Yurts. Life on the road and in the workshop

“Meeting my first yurt nearly 10 years ago, I remember being struck by the elegant simplicity of the structure and how homely it felt inside, a feeling that’s still with me today. The meeting coincided with getting to know my now partner Jeremy and his quest to make the perfect yurt. His years spent training at The Royal College of Furniture and Design were being put to uses I’m sure they were never intended for. The result, however, was a beautifully crafted, curvaceous beauty that invited admiration wherever you looked and touched...I was hooked!”

Now, after a fun and hectic 10 years, we’ll finally be sharing some of those yurt life stories with you yurt fanatics out there. You’ll find links to all our yurt blog posts below as we keep adding to them. Jeremy won’t get left out either. He’ll be hosting “Yurt Doctor” a question and answer forum for all yurt related issues, so if you’ve a problem with your yurt and need help..just click on the “Yurt Doctor” link below.

Tina Hyde

“Yurt Doctor”... whether you already own a yurt and need some advice or are thinking of taking the plunge and becoming a yurt owner yourself and just want to ask a question...a forum where everyone’s welcome to share advice and pass their knowledge on to create a valuable resource for those who want yurts in their life.

Jeremy Daffern

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